Assortment of mixed Dutch SALT Licorice-4oz bag

Assortment of mixed Dutch SALT Licorice-4oz bag


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For those of you who either can't decide which to buy, or would like to try lots of our different SALT Licorice, this is ideal. They all are single salt strength (Approx 5%) salt Licorice but there are lots of different textures and flavours to enjoy. It's a mix of the following:- Single Salt(5%) Diamonds, HARD Belgium Salt Diamonds, Salty Buttons, Soft Salt Jujubes, Dutch Dynamites (Salmiak Rocks), Dutch Chewy Coins (Muntendrop).


  • A great mix of 6 different Salt Licorice products.
  • A variety of textures, soft to hard and chewy
  • A great way to experiment and try different salt Licorice.
  • All products are a mild to single salt strength.
  • Genuine Dutch Licorice. INGREDIENTS- LR26-DutchLiquorice Diamonds-Sugar modified starch, glucose syrup, ammonium chloride, cane sugar molasses, liquorice extract ,colour caramel, flavourings.Glazing agent vegetable oil(Palm)& Bees wax. LR34- HARD Liquorice Diamonds-Liquorice, brown cough drops: natural flavours, no colours, natural acacia gum, sugar, corn syrup ,carbo medicinalis vegetalis. LR40-Salty Buttons-Sugar, modified starch, glucose syrup, ammonium chloride, cane sugar molasses, Liquorice extract, Colour caramel, flavours. Glazing agents, vegetable oil( Palm) and Bees wax LR41-Soft Jujubes-wheat flour, sugar, cane sugar molasses, glucose syrup ,modified starch, ammonium chloride, Colours E150c, E153,Liquorice extract, flavours, Glazing agents, Vegetable oil (Palm) LR79-Dynamites-Sugar, cane sugar molasses, wheat flour, glucose syrup, wheat starch, modified starch, liquorice extract, vegetable fat, ( coconut fully hydrogenated) colour caramel, ammonium chloride, invert sugar syrup, gelatine, flavourings, vegetable oil (Palm) LR91-Liquorice Coins-sugar, modified wheat starch, glucose, gelling agent: gelatine, liquorice root extract, ammonium chloride, colour, caramel, flavours glazing agents: vegetable oil (Palm) bee's wax.

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