Jacobsen Salt – Salty Black Licorice – 24 pieces

Jacobsen Salt – Salty Black Licorice – 24 pieces


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Our love of salty licorice began while living in Scandinavia. Right around the time we first fell in love with good salt, we discovered licorice with a salty twist. Upon returning to the States, we set out creating the great American sea salt and could never quite get the idea of salty licorice out of our minds. And that's when we met QUIN: an artisan candy maker up for the challenge of creating a salty black licorice that's even better than we remembered. The result is a toothsome black licorice with notes of caramel and molasses touched off by sparks of our perfectly flaky sea salt. Our friends tell us this is the only black licorice they'll eat, and we hope you'll agree. Includes 24 pieces.

  • Licorice with a salty twist

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