SweetGourmet Gustaf’s Premium Salted Licorice Coins

SweetGourmet Gustaf’s Premium Salted Licorice Coins


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Firm and only slightly salted. The traditional Dutch licorice difference. It is a great privilege that I can share with you some of my favorite licorice can be ubiquitously found in a large variety. Yes, the Dutch truly the consummate connoisseurs of black licorice. There is no country in the world that has a higher consumption of licorice. Our factory in Holland was established in 1876 and produces an endless number of shapes with its own characteristics (soft, hard, chewy) and flavoring (from sweet to salt). It takes a somewhat acquired taste to appreciate this flavorful, lightly salty licorice with lots of character. If in doubt, first try the "soft drops" or the "sweet and firm cats".


  • Country of Origin: Holland
  • Firm and slightly salted, with a fun coin shape
  • Made with sugar and licorice extract
  • Fat-free snack; contains no cholesterol

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